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The Confidence Project:

A Psychoeducational Group for Women

Are you a woman ready to gain confidence and make more progress in your life? Join our psychoeducational group designed to help women build self-esteem, cultivate resilience, and overcome challenges.


What is the group all about?

Our group provides a safe and supportive environment where women can explore personal growth and development and encourage each other to challenge themselves. We will discuss topics such as:

  • Identifying and challenging negative self-talk

  • Developing self-compassion and self-acceptance

  • Setting realistic goals and creating a plan to achieve them

  • Building resilience in the face of setbacks

  • Establishing healthy boundaries and relationships

Who should join?

The group is open to California women who feel their anxiety and low self-confidence are holding them back, and are committed to making small personal changes to help themselves move forward.  Our group can provide the support and guidance you need to overcome obstacles and thrive.


How does it work?

The group meets weekly for 90 minutes. Each session will include a mixture of discussion, activities, and exercises designed to help you gain insights and develop practical strategies for personal growth.  This is an open group with a maximum size of 12 women.


When and where?

The group will meet via Zoom each Monday from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.



Jane Vanderwerf, LCSW is a licensed therapist with over 10 years of experience working with women on issues related to anxiety, depression, and emotional resilience.



$25 per session in sets of four consecutive, non-refundable sessions paid in advance.


To register:

Please contact Jane Vanderwerf at or 925/232-1552.


We hope you join us on our journey to increased confidence and inner strength. 

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