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Welcome to my website.  My name is Jane Vanderwerf, and  I specialize in treating individuals with anxiety, stress, and trauma. I am a supportive, authentic, and direct therapist who prioritizes my clients' emotional safety and sense of connectedness.


I primarily use Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic therapies. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic are two popular forms of therapy that can help clients in different ways. CBT focuses on changing negative thought patterns and behaviors, while Psychodynamic therapy explores unconscious thoughts and emotions to gain insight into past experiences. I also use Exposure and Response Prevention for anxiety, Narrative Therapy, and some trauma-informed modalities.


If you feel uncomfortable being vulnerable with someone or are hesitant about trying therapy, I may be an especially good fit for you.  Please feel free to schedule a telephone consultation to see whether we are a good match.

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