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A little background. I began my training as a social worker which means that I bring a holistic perspective to my therapy practice.  Each individual is more than just their psyche...their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are impacted by their relationships, environment, systems with which they interact, resources, and histories.  We can't always control what life brings us, but we can figure out ways to best manage challenges and stressors.  I have worked with a wide variety of settings and with diverse populations, so rest assured there probably isn't much I haven't heard from a client or experienced myself.  After working in both case management and therapeutic settings I made the transition to a focus on therapy because I value being able to help clients feel supported and facilitate their growth.


What is it like to be in psychotherapy therapy with me I describe myself as a supportive, authentic, and direct therapist.  At the beginning of our work, we discuss your goals for therapy, I complete a comprehensive assessment, and we work on building a good therapeutic relationship.  My priority is for my clients to feel emotionally safe, connected, and validated.   The next step is to discuss treatment options so that we have a roadmap for how to reach your goals. The beginning of therapy often includes helping clients add some more practical "tools" to their coping "toolbox" to help them better manage their daily lives.  Therapy usually lasts 7-15 sessions but can go up to 30 sessions for individuals struggling with complex or developmental trauma.  Clients usually begin with weekly sessions but frequency can decrease once the individual feels more stable and confident.

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